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Global Equity Growth

The MWG Global Equity Growth Fund is the core equity product for the majority of our clients. This portfolio consists of approximately 40 stocks, the majority of which are best-in-class global companies. Stocks in this portfolio tend to exhibit higher than average growth characteristics.

Cost to You

MWG’s fee schedule is outlined below. We believe that our fees are extremely competitive, and offer our clients great value for their money:

Asset Level Pooled Account Fee
First $2,000,000 1.00%
Next $3,000,000 0.80%
Next $5,000,000 0.60%
Next $15,000,000 0.45%
Above $25,000,000 0.35%
  1. All foreign assets will be converted to Canadian dollars for fee calculation purposes.
  2. The fee payable is calculated before the inclusion of applicable taxes.
  3. The fee is expressed in annual rates.
  4. Fees are calculated and paid on a Quarterly basis based on the quarter-end account asset level.
  5. Fees are due within 1 month of the Quarter end date.