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Over my career, I have witnessed almost a dozen selloffs of 20% or more, which is about one every 3-4 years. Of these, the following are remembered: 1973-1974  Creation of OPEC and the first oil embargo Concern over inflation and the collapse of the Nifty Fifty 1979-1982  2nd OPEC crisis resulting from Iran/Iraq war The […]


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What’s Happening in the Oil Market?

Oil and commodities are inherently cyclical. And while it’s true that oil is being replaced by other forms of cleaner energy, this trend has been ongoing for several decades. In 1990, oil consumption represented half of global energy consumption.


Portfolio Updates

February Portfolio Update

The stock market panic of late February, due to fears to COVID-19 and a Bernie Sanders presidency, led to one of the sharpest selloffs in recent history. However, a resurgent Joe Biden has emerged as the frontrunner for Democratic nomination and health care stocks are recovering. We expect the virus will reduce GDP with the […]


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