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MWG Focus Stock: CCOI

Cogent Communications: An opportunity in Internet Networking

Have you ever wondered where the video comes from when you stream a movie on Netflix? Or the audio when you listen to a song on Spotify? Typically, a nearby data center will house the server and infrastructure software needed to deliver cloud-based content. From there, the relevant data (audio or video) will travel over a broad network of telecom cables owned by various companies and finally over the last mile to the end user through their internet or mobile carrier’s network. While household name telecom companies like AT&T, Bell or Verizon own a large amount of telecom infrastructure, smaller players like Cogent also own network infrastructure that helps the modern internet function. Read

September Portfolio Update | 2022

Thoughts on the Market: September Edition


Volatility remained high through September, with the volatility index ending the month at 31, nearly double the 17 level it closed the year at in 2021. V Volatility will remain high until it isn’t, which is an obvious statement in itself, but by the time the “all clear” signal is out, the market will be meaningfully higher. We continue to monitor our portfolio companies closely and believe their financial performance remains strong.



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