MWG’s Jamie Murray featured in The Globe and Mail!

Source: The Globe and Mail

“Why this portfolio manager isn’t shying away from technology stocks”


Here’s a preview of the article!

“…The Globe and Mail recently spoke to Mr. Murray about what he’s been buying and selling, and his take on a possible recession.

Describe your investing style.
‘We’re growth investors. We look for companies that can grow revenue and earnings over the long term. When we see these types of volatile markets, we’re not rushing out to aggressively reposition our portfolio. That said, we’re always making minor adjustments. We believe that the companies we own can endure through different markets. And ultimately, when you get these tougher economic conditions, the stronger companies come out the other side stronger.’

What’s your take on a pending recession?.
‘It’s a possibility, but I am not in the camp that believes it’s inevitable…’ ”

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