Monthly Archives: May 2020

Twilio: Enabling Communication Anywhere

Have you ever taken an Uber? If so, after you open the Uber app and request service, you receive a text message when your driver accepts the request or when your vehicle is approaching. The app also gives you the ability to communicate with the driver through voice or text. Throughout the process, your identity and phone number remain private. Twillio provides the platform for this type of communication all over the world.   Read

April Portfolio Update | 2020

Thoughts on the Market: April Edition 


V-Shaped Recovery? So far so good, but... 

The markets continued their recovery from March lows, with hopes pinned on the rapid response from governments around the world to backstop workers through aggressive unemployment benefits and their support of affected industries through favourable loan programs. Behind the scenes, massive liquidity was provided to financial markets to stabilize bond markets, which flowed through to equity markets. As well, epidemic modelling of COVID-19 cases and hospital data indicates that infection rates are peaking or declining in many hard-hit jurisdictions, allowing governments to start implementing plans to re-open shuttered sectors of the economy.  Read

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