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MWG Focus Stock: STLC

Stelco: We built this city!

Source: Company Reports *HRC - Hot Rolled Coil, a benchmark steel product
Stelco is an Ontario-based producer of steel products with two facilities in Southern Ontario. The company has existed in some form since its original Hamilton Works facility was first commissioned in 1905! Stelco ownership has changed over the past 20 years, including a couple of stops through bankruptcySo….what is so exciting about a commodity-producing company that has a history of bankruptcy?  Read

October Portfolio Update | 2020

Thoughts on the Market: October Edition


Are we there yet?

Despite a good earnings season, markets moved lower in October on high expectations in the tech sector and deflated optimism regarding the reopening trade. Whether it was also the stalled stimulus deal, the resurgent second wave of COVID-19 or election night jitters is up for debate, but as we move through another winter with COVID-19 case counts rising, the market is priced for uncertainty. Read

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