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MWG Focus Stock: IRSG

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto.

Intuitive Surgical is a leader of robotic surgical systems (you can find more information here). While robotic surgery sounds futuristic, Intuitive’s systems have been used for over 20 years. In 2019, its systems were used in almost 900,000 surgeries. Robotic surgery provides for increased precision, faster recoveries, and lower risk of complications as well as less stress on surgeons. Its growth revolves around increasing market share through the sale of additional devices, the increased training of surgeons, and the expansion of the type of surgeries that can be performed robotically.  The company is extremely profitable, with a razor/razorblade model. Once the units are placed on-site, they generate ongoing instrument sales and service revenue. Read

September Portfolio Update | 2020

Thoughts on the Market: September Edition

Moving Through the Second Wave…

Last month, we stated our belief that it was unlikely a second wave of the Coronavirus would lead to a revisiting of the market lows. This belief was tested in September as more countries around the world entered the second wave (Canada, Europe, Japan). The virus is not proving as deadly as it was in March 2020 as death/ hospitalization rates remain low relative to published case counts. This is having the effect of lessening the perceived risk of contracting the virus. Moreover, with social distancing regulations in place and businesses making the necessary adjustments, governments are more hesitant to encourage lockdowns for economic reasons.


In Memory of William “Bill” Giblin

William “Bill” Giblin

In memory of Bill Giblin, who served on The Murray Wealth Group Advisory Board for the past 5 years. We were incredibly lucky to have his support and guidance.

He will be deeply missed. His loyalty, sage advice and great sense of humour cannot be replaced.

Rest in Peace, Bill.


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